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Dang Kim Son

Senior Advisor

Dr. Dang Kim Son (Farmer, Agriculture and Rural Development)

Dang Kim Son is a distinguished agronomist in Vietnam. He has held numerous important positions in Vietnamese Government research agencies. He is the former Director General of the Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development – a think-tank of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. His work is highly appreciated by the Government and international partners. Currently, after his retirement, he works as the advisor for the Minister of Agricultural and Rural Development of Vietnam. Among his research and policy work, his proposal, “Tam Nong”, which aims to restructure the agricultural sector and rural areas, has been approved by the Government of Vietnam. It has become a major resolution of the National Assembly to reconstruct rural areas throughout the country in both physical (infrastructure, facilities development) and human development (labour development, job generation…). With rich experience, profound knowledge, and a passion for agriculture research, as well as compassion for farmers, he is a typical economist who devotes his life to the development of his country.