Planning meeting for the Vietnam pig value chain livestock and fish CGIAR research program

In this event, Dr Dang Kim Khoi – Acting Director of CAP presented the structure and simulation results of the Pig Model funded by ILRI. This is a partial equilibrium model used to analyse trade relations on maize and pig sector in eight regions of Vietnam. The key result is that small pig households will not be squeezed out of the market event in the worst development scenario of the small sector. Dr. Khoi also proposed three new ideas for research in the future in the cooperation with ILRI, including: Vietnam-China livestock border trade examination, (ii) assessment of the impacts of free trade agreements on the distribution and retailing system of pig in Vietnam, and (iii) analyse supply – demand of animal feed based on FEED-BASE model proposed by ILRI expert. 

L&F Vietnam external evaluation

The evaluation team visited parts of the pork value chain as part of their review of the achievements of the program since its commencement in Vietnam in 2012 (photo credit: ILRI).