Training "Building food security"

Picture 1) Trainees of the course  and the trainer, the first secretary of Singapore embassy

The Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) was launched by then Singapore Prime Minister (PM) Goh Chok Tong at the 4th ASEAN Informal Summit in 2000 to narrow the development gap between ASEAN-6 and Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV) and to support ASEAN integration and community building. Under the framework of the IAI, The Vietnam-Singapore training Center with financial support of Singapore Ministry of foreign Affairs has conducted the training course “Building food security” from 19 to 22 October 2015. 

There were 30 trainees (researchers, officials and staffs) from many different agencies/organizations attending this training course. The Lecture of training came from International Business Dynamics Pte Ltd, which specializes in providing cutting edge and innovative training and consultancy services to private and public enterprises, and local and foreign government agencies. There were 4 researchers from Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agricultural and Rural Development (IPSARD) has attended this course.

The training course has provided useful knowledge on food security and insights on Singapore’s experience (one country have been importing more than 90% food and food stuff for domestic consumption) and policies in managing food security issues.

Picture 2) The IPSARD’team was discussing with Mr KO Khee Hwee on  the homework

The Synopsis topics to be covered are:

   - Challenges associated with food security

   - Impact of food insecurity;

   - Trends and challenges of food security in ASEAN;

   - Food security in Singapore;

   - Food supply chains;

   - Food security in ASEAN;

   - Food security roadmap for Singapore;

   - Diversifying sources of food imports;

   - Stockpiling and new possibilities; and

   - Policy suggestions on food security- "supporting", and "enabling" strategies


The training methodology will include an international perspective of the impact and implications of food security in Viet Nam. Participants will be exposed to various case studies on how countries build food security. The training will comprise lectures followed by class exercises to facilitate practice by the participants. In addition to the class exercises, participants will be required to discuss in small groups and make group presentations.

After training course, the trainees have gotten the certificates.


Written by: Việt Anh