Banking and credit activities to promote social economic development in Mekong Delta

Mekong River Delta (MRD), including 13 provinces,located at the southern of the country with an area of ​​nearly 40.000km2, a population of about 18 million people with rich natural resources and a long coastline with rich of fishery resources. This is an strategic area of ​​economic - social security and key areas of agriculture, fisheries, fruits of the Mekong River Delta, contributing more than 50% amount of rice and 92% amount of rice exports, 70% of fruits, 52% of production and 60% of total seafood export turnover of the whole country. Making Vietnam becomes a major fisheries exporting nation and one of the largest rice exporter in the world.

To develop potential and strengths of the Mekong River Delta, in recent years, banking sector has focused on investing resources to promote  social-economic development based on main key sectors including rice, seafood and vegetables farming , production and exportation.

To assess the performance of bank credit in Mekong River Delta as well as difficulties and problems in credit investment to propose measures to promote banking credit activities, contribute to the development of socio – economic development and security in the Mekong Delta, the Vietnam State Bank has cooperated with Southwest Steering Committee, people's Committee of Hau Giang province organized a workshop "Bank credit activities promote socio-economic development in the Mekong Delta "on 12th July 2016 at Vi Thanh City, Hau Giang province.It is one of the main activities in the regional economic cooperation in Mekong delta forum - Hau Giang 2016. Participants in the workshop including over 200 representatives from ministries and central agencies, leaders of the provinces in Mekong delta, scientists, experts , representatives of commercial banks as well as a number of associations and businesses.

The workshop is an opportunity for the banking sector to discuss with locals, businesses and professionals and scientists to improve credit policy and banking operations as well as better serve economic development in the Mekong River Delta.

Within the framework of the workshop, Mr.Do Huy Thiep, leader of the Economic Modeling and Policy Analysis Department of the Centre for Agricultural Policy has presented paper: "The agricultural production organization’s solutions to cope with drought, salinity intrusion for sustainable development in the Mekong Delta. " Most of contents of the presentation are taken from a survey in the project "ADP / 2011/039: Assessment the ability of farmers to respond to climate change: policy options" funded by ACIAR. The presentation showed the effects of climate change on agricultural production in the Mekong Delta provinces. The presentation also reviewed the perception of farmers about natural disasters and their responses. From the these analysis, Do Huy Cards also offerred a number of policy recommendations to assist farmers in coping with climate change.