Together we build a new village

In the framework of Lao Cai Happiness Program, from 10/25 to 11/04/2016, Center for Agricultural Policy (CAP), the Office of Management Consultants for the Lao Cai Happiness Program and Office of Lao Cai province new Rural coordination have jointly organized a community activities program at the 8 pilot villages of the program with the theme "Together we build new villages" in order to introduce and share success stories from new village movement of South Korea and the self-help model, solidarity and cooperation in Lao Cai to promote self-reliance spirit, diligence, enthusiasm, determination and cooperation of the community in order to effectively implement rural development plan for households.

Participate in the program are Mr. Nguyen Huu The - Vice Chairman of Lao Cai province; Dr. Dang Kim Son - Senior Specialist on Agriculture and Rural Policy, former Director of the Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development; Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan - Director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Lao Cai Province; Mr. Kim Sun Ho - Director of Lao Cai Happiness Program; Mr. Nguyen Quang Binh - Head of ODA Provincial Project Management Unit; Mr. Le Hong Phong - provincial ODA Deputy chief project management; Mr. Hoang Trung Giang - Muong Khuong District Chairman; Mr. Bui Quang Hung - Vice Chairman of Bac Ha.

Mr. Nguyen Huu The - Deputy Chairman of Lao Cai spoke at Coc Cai

In half a day in each village, the whole village of 445 households in 8 districts Na Lang, Coc Cai, Bo Lung, Lung Khau Nhin 1, Nam Mon, Coc Cai Ha, San Man Than and Say San Phin had jointly shared the success stories, thanks to the spirit of "diligence, hard work, self-reliance", developing internal resources, not relingy on support; solidarity, cooperation, under the leadership of the Village Development Committee; Sharing experiences on the path to building a strong and prosperous rural pilot village - based on the spirit of Saemaul Undong Korea together with the village community and evaluate the implementation of the activities of the 8 villages sub-components of the Lao Cai Happiness Program and plan the implementation of the program's next phase.

Along with its excellent entertainment shows, imbued with ethnical identity, the program has truly become a festival in each village/hamlet, through which the entire village community have come together to show solidarity spirit, the determination of each person and of the entire community. The community activities strongly promote the spirit of the people to look forward to building successful rural development plan in particular and build new 8 civilized, prosperous villages in the future in general.

Some pictures of the villages/hamlets’ community program: