Analyzing the factors affecting land fragmentation and the impacts on Vietnam

Land fragmentation is one of the major problems of the developing countries worldwide. The rapid rise of the rural population comes with the current inheritable policies leading to land increasingly fragmented. This negatively impacts on agricultural productivity and growth, hindering the application of motor vehicles, and reducing your ability to develop crops being only profitable on a certain large scale. Our report will focus the analysis on the factors causing the current fragmentation of land as well as the effects of land fragmentation on agricultural production. Through quantitative analysis method based on the data VARHS in 12 provinces including the data of commune, household level, and data to each piece of land, the report draws interesting conclusions about the effect the scale of farm operations on the benefit of agricultural production, and 8 practical policy recommendations for state agencies having jurisdiction.

Project Title: “Support Agriculture and Rural Development Programme (ARD SPS) the period 2007-2013” and“ Support Enterprises Development Programme”

Sponsors: Danish International Development Agency